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World Trade Center Shamshabad, we proudly stand at the forefront of Telangana's burgeoning business landscape. Our strategic location in Telangana not only serves as your ideal launching pad into India's vibrant markets but also positions you perfectly for global trade excellence.

Telangana, strategically positioned in the heart of India, serves as a critical junction for businesses targeting the expansive Indian market. Its capital, Hyderabad, acts as a gateway to both the northern and southern regions of the country, offering seamless connectivity and access. This geographical advantage is further enhanced by Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, a major international gateway that handles over 21 million passengers annually, facilitating global connections and trade. The airport's significant cargo handling capacity also makes it a crucial node for international freight and logistics, amplifying Telangana's role as a trade hub.


World Trade Center Shamshabad, situated in this strategic locale, offers businesses an ideal base for both national and international operations. The state's well-developed road and rail networks provide efficient inland connectivity,

Telangana's sectoral diversity is its standout feature, marking it as a nexus of innovation and economic variety. At its core is a booming $18 billion IT and ITeS sector, positioning the region as India's contemporary Silicon Valley. This vibrant tech hub, a haven for global tech giants, fosters an environment ripe for technological breakthroughs. Positioned within this dynamic landscape, World Trade Center Shamshabad offers businesses a unique vantage point to harness this technological edge.


We are the destination for global business expansion.

Telangana’s first operational WTC. Is exemplified by its initiatives, which has been a game-changer in streamlining industrial approvals and attracting investment. This innovative approach has successfully catalyzed over 15,000 industrial projects, with investments pouring in excess of $20 billion, showcasing the state's proactive stance in facilitating business growth. At World Trade Center Shamshabad, businesses benefit directly from these government initiatives. Not only does the Telangana government understand the nuances of business needs, but it also actively supports and accelerates business growth. This environment ensures that enterprises at WTC Shamshabad have a smoother, more efficient journey towards success. The state's commitment to developing special economic zones and technology hubs has further bolstered the attractiveness of Telangana as a prime investment destination, offering a wide array of opportunities for businesses to thrive and expand.

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WTC Shamshabad Campus

In the heart of Telangana, World Trade Center Shamshabad spans a remarkable 3.5 million square feet. This architectural marvel, featuring twin office towers and a luxurious hotel, embodies our unique ‘Walk to Work’ concept. This innovative concept harmoniously blends professional and lifestyle needs by integrating state-of-the-art office spaces with comfortable living accommodations.

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